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GTASFA Board Meeting

9/13 Meeting Minutes


Present: Tom Marek, Wes Newberry, Matt Groleau, Julie Long, Ric Zehner, Sheila Bates, Dave Meier

Treasurer Update –

Meeting began with Julie giving a financial update on GTASFA’s checking, saving, and stewardship accounts. Wes handed off the Bihlman money for deposit. Julie will provide a further financial update at the October meeting.

Weekly Fishing League –

Weekly Fishing League Chairman John Ratcliffe gave an over-view of the league season. Over the spring, summer, and fall leagues, a total of 45 unique anglers participated in weekly league. John reported that attendance was slow in the beginning but climbed steadily, with a few new anglers joining each week. John plans to continue weekly league next summer and would like a co-chair to help with organization, gaining sponsors, etc.  Everyone in attendance gave John a round of applause for his considerable volunteer effort over the league season. John shared his idea for a GTASFA ice fishing tournament with the group. The tentative date is Feb 16 and 17 over free fishing weekend. John is going to outline a plan for the ice fishing tournament to share at the October meeting.

Trout Pond –

Matt Groleau, chairperson of the trout pond at last year’s Expo, shared an e-mail with the group from Expo organizers re: the 2017 Hunting & Fishing Expo. The group discussed the pros and cons of the trout pond  – set up, volunteers, cost of trout, etc. – and decided that although it is a considerable use of volunteer hours and GTASFA funds, it is important to us that we continue the tradition. However – it is agreed that in order for the trout pond to be successful, it needs to be subsidized by more donations / sponsors and we need a large pool of volunteers to help over the expo weekend. 

It was suggested that GTASFA reach out to fellow exhibitors at the Hunting & Fishing Expo for donations / sponsorships as the trout pond is such a big draw for children and families. Julie will provide a list of past exhibitors at the October meeting.

John Ratcliffe pointed out that we will also need voluteers for Kids Fishing Day, particularly for people help clean fish. Julie will put this event on the GTASFA calendar.

2017 Events Calendar –

The tentative 2017 GTASFA Events Calendar is as follows:


Feb 16, 17 – Ice Fishing Tournament

March 17-19 – Trout Pond at Hunting Fishing Expo

April 2017, Date TBD – Annual Banquet

June 18 – Bihlman Memorial Tournament

July 4 – Uncle Sam Tournament

GTASFA is looking for an event planner for the annual banquet. Julie will create a post on Facebook regarding this volunteer position.

Chinook Survey – Due to the (potential) upcoming changes in chinook fishing regulations, Wes requested that Julie create a survey regarding this issue. The survey will be 3 or 4 questions, meant for paid GTASFA members only, and will be sent via e-mail. Data will be collected for one week and the results will help GTASFA better represent the membership. Julie will work with Wes on this survey.


Next Meeting: October 11, 2016 – Maddy’s – 6 PM

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